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Advantages of stainless steel electric kettle


Fever fast

Fast heating is the most basic requirement for stainless steel electric kettles. Therefore, the original heating coil has been transformed into a wider and thicker heating chassis, which is more beautiful and practical, and solves the problem of difficult cleaning of scale; Secondly, it is more effective in heating, often boiling half a liter to one liter of water in 3-5 minutes, and adjusting different temperatures. Stainless steel liners with faster heat conduction are therefore more popular.

Good insulation

The stainless steel electric kettle uses a high-quality temperature controller as the key component, and this unique steam conduit controls the temperature. By squeezing the steam after the water boils, it ensures that the water is fully boiled and can be completely sterilized. This change has made stainless steel electric kettle no longer just a tool for boiling water, but also a tool for storing water.

Strong filtration

It is a consensus among everyone that drinking water should be healthy, so it is necessary to install several "safety nets" - filter screens - in the SKG stainless steel kettle. The key positions such as the bottom of the kettle and the water outlet can be described as "mechanisms" with several filters installed to remove scale and purify water quality.

Fully functional

Simple boiling water can no longer meet daily needs, and set style stainless steel electric water kettles are becoming popular. In addition to stainless steel electric water kettles, there are also specialized utensils such as tea sets, which boil water, make tea, and drink coffee in one go, reflecting the care from beginning to end.

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