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Quality identification method for stainless steel electric kettle


In order to achieve a faster pace, the power of stainless steel electric kettles has also been greatly increased, usually reaching up to 2200W. At such high power, traditional plastic electric kettles are prone to decomposing toxic substances. Therefore, stainless steel electric kettles are gradually replacing plastic electric kettles and aluminum electric kettles with the development of the times.

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Quality Identification Method Editor

1 Model: Stainless steel electric kettle has three types: temperature control device electric kettle, automatic temperature control electric kettle, and fully automatic electric kettle with pneumatic water supply device (the power can be automatically cut off after water boils, or can be automatically insulated).

2. Electrical performance: Stainless steel electric kettle is an electrical appliance that works with water. When purchasing, special attention should be paid to its electrical performance to ensure that there is no leakage.

3. Check the power lead connector: The power lead connector should be reliably connected to the pot body, with appropriate tightness and flexible installation and disassembly.

4. Interface between the heater and the pot body: The interface between the heater and the pot body should be installed firmly, sealed well, and free from water leakage. You can gently move the heater by hand to check if the assembly is secure and there should be no looseness.

5 Temperature control device: When purchasing an electric kettle with an automatic temperature control device or insulation device, attention should be paid to whether its temperature control is flexible and reliable.

6 Water supply switch: When purchasing a fully automatic electric kettle with a pneumatic water supply device, the lock switch of the water supply button should be checked for flexibility. The pressure of the water supply button should not be too high, and the outer cover, inner pot, inner container, etc. should be flexibly and conveniently installed and removed, with good sealing performance.

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